Summer Fine Arts Academy

Fine Arts Summer Enrichment Program 

The goal of the Summer Fine Arts Academy is to provide high quality, continuing summer education classes in the arts for the students in our communities. Through summer courses in the arts, students have unique opportunities to create music, art, and theatre, and build on the skills they have learned throughout the school year.

Fine Arts summer enrichment programs are being redesigned into online workshops due to the Corona Virus outbreak. Check back soon for enrollment information.

Gr. K-2 Music: June 8-9 and July 13-15
Gr. K-2 Art: June 15-17 and July 20-22

Gr. 3-5 Music: June 15-17 and July 20-22
Gr. 3-5: Art June 8-9 and July 13-15

Secondary Art: June 22-24 and July 27-29